About Destination Dance

usa-22-150x150The inspiration behind the creation of Destination Dance is my daughter Emma. Not only am I an experienced travel professional with over 15 years experience working in group, corporate, leisure and wholesale travel, I am a devoted and very proud Dance Mum.  My daughter Emma has been dancing and performing since she was 3 years of age.  It has been a fantastic experience being involved in the dance world on a daily basis not only as a dance group travel specialist but also as a member of the dance community.

My mission is to create cost effective and flexible itineraries for dance studios and their families so the opportunities to travel and perform abroad, is within reach for everyone.  I tailor make itineraries for each dance studio based on their needs and of course budget.571-150x150

As a parent of a dance student, I know and understand what parents expect from my tailored dance tours. I offer my commitment that every effort will be made to create a magical experience for each family. I offer flexibility to anyone that needs to contact me outside of business hours.

gayleI offer my expertise to ensure your group dance trip is meticulously planned and hassle free. I offer understanding if you have any concerns or questions about travelling abroad but most importantly, I offer you my promise that I will do everything in my power to create a memorable group experience that each and every family will never forget

— Gayle Dawson

Perform at Sea

A cost effective option for Dance Studios and their families is organising a group tour on a cruise ship.